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Myths and Facts about Low-Income Families

enhancing the quality of life of children and families


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Cherished Memories For A Lifetime embraces the opportunity to gift homeless children/families and financially distressed families an expression of hope, which we call a HopeOp.


The goal of a HopeOp is simply to provide hope for better days ahead.  We customize and personalize our gifts of hope to each family's particular needs.  HopeOps, no matter how small, can make an impact on day to day lives.


Our HopeOp Project is the perfect way for you to get involved and make a real impact in the quality of life for a family.  Sponsor a movie & dinner for two, a gas card, dinner out for the family…there are many opportunities to make a difference.  


Funding a HopeOp. gives you the opportunity to:


Pay it Forward

Give an expression of Hope relating to your special interests

Feel hopeful because you have given Hope





Click to download HopeOp Referral Form .word

Click to download HopeOp Referral Form.pdf

Families may be referred in one of four ways: 


1) Use one of the attached referral forms and email form to


2) Send an email with child/family contact info and a brief summary describing the child/family’s situation;


3) Provide our contact info to referral families for them to contact us (email is our preferred contact) or


4) Submit an online referral  


We will contact and interact with the families, directly, and determine what type of HopeOp will be gifted, based on the needs of the child/family.

HopeOp Project


A OOUPLE OF HEARTFELT EXAMPLES OF PAST HopeOp GIFTS                                                   

A. Thomas & Daughter

This single mom had battled bone and breast cancer.

Her amazing daughter supported and assisted her mom

with devotion and love, during her medical challenges.  

Mom was unemployed and was seeking employment,

now that she was able to return to work.  Daughter was attending El Centro College, studying Nutritional Health and Science.  She wants to become a pastry chef.


The Thomas Family HopeOps:

Week 1 - Assortment of Gift Cards (Mastercard, Walmart, Starbucks, Chick fil a)

Week 2 - Pizza Night -  Gift card for Large Pizza Hut Pizza

Week 3 - Movie & Dinner - Movie gift card and Olive Garden gift card

Week 4 - A Special Treat - Tickets, Parking Passes and Food Coupons to the State Fair of Texas



A New Orleans Saints comforter/sheet set for a 7th grader, who has a learning disorder, whose mom had been laid off.


Quote from Mom: "I would like to thank you and your organization for the gifts. The smile that my son made when he saw his New Orleans Saints bed set was heartfelt.  He actually made his own bed. He also told his dad to stay off his bed lol"